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Xampp server


Hi friend this is TechuMind, And TechuMind will show you how to install XAMPP server on windows and what is XAMPP. The installing process is also same on others operating system. If you want to create a website on wordpress and other CMS in offline, So scroll down and learn about the XAMPP.

What is XAMPP

XAMPP is a Apache server, XAMPP is create a localhost server on your computer system, and then you can create any website in offline and test it offline mode, You can install wordPress in offline and create website with wordpress and others CMS in offline by using XAMPP.

How to install the XAMPP

XAMPP is the most popular software for host a local server on computer. If you want Setup a localhost server on your pc so following the all method. Also is very simple and easy to do.

First step

Download the XAMPP software for Click Here, and now following this method for install XAMPP on your computer.

  1. Open XAMPP program file, where you have downloaded.
  2. And now click on the run.
  3. Click on the next.

    Install xampp on computer image

  4. Now click next. This is for select the components you want to install and clear the components you do not want to install.

    Install xampp on computer process image

  5. Now at first set your Drive [select C drive] and now agine click on the next button. This process is for giving the path for installing.

    Install xampp on computer processing image

  6. Click on the Install button.

    Install xampp on computer final step image

  7. And now wait for complete the installation process. This process is for extracting the all program file.

    Install xampp on computer file extract process image

  8. When completed the XAMPP installation process. Then now click on the Finish button,

Your XAMPP software is installed. And it’s ready for perform.

Second step
  1. Now open your XAMPP Control Panel from program.
  2. Now Start Apache and Mysql from this interface

    Start apache and mysql on xampp

We have tried to clearly explain on how to install XAMPP server on windows operating system topic. Hope so you understand all above.

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